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2 Boxes Go Fit Barley Mix

💚GoFit Barley Mix💚
GoFit Barley Mix a supplement powdered juice that has combination of 13 different seeds and other natural ingredients such as
Wheat Leaves Powder
Mixture of 13 Seeds
Fibersol -2

GoFit Barley Mix is rich in anti-oxidant which helps to fight off the free radicals. It has natural cleansing and detoxification properties for weight loss too!
It also helps to strengthen the immune and digestive health system.

Why do we need to balance ALKALINE in our body? 🤔
An akaline diet is one that includes whole foods that have positive effects on pH levels of the blood and urine.
Benefits of GoFit Barley Mix can include better Heart Health, Stronger Bones, Decreased Pain and Reversal of Nutrient Deficiencies

and also which may helps your body to
✔️Promote Metabolism
✔️Balances Blood Sugar
✔️Muscle Endurance Benefits
✔️Reduces Inflammation
✔️Protects Nerve Cells
✔️Prevents Insulin Resistance
✔️Detoxifies Heavy Metals from our body